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5 Best Language Translation Apps To Help You Socialise and Stay Connected

An interconnected world and globalisation has made people from diverse cultures and societies trade and socialize. You may be multilingual, but do you know that there are 122 major languages in India itself, with 22 of them being recognised by the constitution of India. A translator app comes in handy while travelling an unfamiliar nation, trading and dealing with a foreigner and socializing, in general. Here is the list of top 5 language translation apps, if you’re looking for one. Do keep in mind that none of the apps is perfect, but gives you a rough idea of what it would mean in the language of your convenience.


Being featured on App Store’s Editor’s Choice and 50 million downloads should be enough to convince anyone that iTranslate is a good app.  iTranslate is a translation and dictionary app with the feature available in over 90 languages. Apart from translation, the app gives the voice over to the translation in masculine or feminine voice. Dictionaries have synonym and different meanings to words in given language. Paid version of the app provides offline translation and voice to voice translation. In terms of cost, that app can charge you up to INR 4200, based on the version you choose.  


Google translate

Being the personal favourite, Google translate has got some features giving them the edge over their competitors. The app supports 103 languages in typing and 52 languages of them are available offline. You can use the camera to translate text instantly in 29 languages and in 37 languages with high-quality pictures. Along with that, the app’s Conversation Mode translates two-way speech instantly in 32 languages. The best part of it is that the app is free with all the features.


Easy Language Translator

Easy language translator is nothing more than a translator, and it does a great job in translating. The app is simple and fast and takes only 3MB of your phone.  Hindi, Italian, German, Lao and Malay are few of the 79 languages supported by the app. Translate with text or voice, add favourites and share the translations are some of the listed features of Easy Language Translator. The app is free to use, with missing offline feature as the only negative thing about it.




iHandy is the name that should come in mind if you’re looking  for most accurate translations to the 52 languages listed in the app. ‘Quality over quantity’ is apparently the motto of the app. The app has the Fast and simple interface, easy translations of words, phrases and commonly used expressions and is integrated with Facebook, twitter, email and SMS. iHandy is the app to go for free and available on Apple App Store.


IHG translator

The app by Intercontinental Hotels Group is a complete traveller’s application. IHG translator includes over 2000 phrases in 12 languages (including slangs), voice-to-voice translator, and a 10,000-word offline dictionary. Apart from it, the app provides tip calculator, currency converter and live translator in 180 languages, where you can speak to real people.  The app is available for free in the App Store.

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