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A New Translation App
The Frommer's Translator application.

Perhaps you already know that “buongiorno” is the appropriate greeting in Rome. But what about the concept of “bella figura”? The new translation app from the guidebook publisher Frommer’s covers both linguistic and cultural interpretations.

“We want it to be a translator in many different forms,” said Pauline Frommer, co-president of Frommer Media which, will launch Frommer’s Translator available for Android and iOS devices beginning Monday, July 14.

The free app is a partnership between Frommer’s and the language translator app company TripLingo. The latter provides instant language translation including a voice translator, available in 45 languages, that allows the user to speak a sentence in English (“How much is that?”) and have the app voice and type it in the foreign language (“Quanto è che?”in Italian).

A phrase book offers options for essentials like “How are you?” in formal, casual, slang and “crazy,” or highly embellished, versions. There is also an option for live translation assistance.

Drawing on its guidebook expertise, Frommer’s covers the app’s culture guide, featuring etiquette, dining and travel tips, a detailed overview of doing business abroad, and guidebook-style introductory and history features.

Additional tools include a currency converter, tip calculator and a “Wi-Fi dialer” that allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet inexpensively.

Upgrades, at per month or per year, expand language content, although the full cultural primer – including the advice, in Italy, to present a “bella figura” or stylish presence — is available on the free version.



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